Universal Love Weddings
I would like to thank you for considering me to officiate on the most important day of your lives together. It can take month, or years for a couple to reach the point in their lives when they decide that they truly and legally want to commit to each other. For those who have had to fight to obtain the right to even consider it, it is an even deeper commitment. I would love to have the opportunity to participate in this, the next step on your journey together.

In my mind Love is Love and everyone deserves their perfect day. I have been an advocate and ally for over 25 years and am proud of that fact. Raised Christian, I became a Comparitive religion major in college and now classify myself as a spiritualist.

This is your day. As traditional as you prefer or as modern, the choice is yours. I would love to share the next step in your journey together with you.

Perfect alternative to courthouse ceremony
Private ceremony 5-10 minutes
Basic vows
Discuss details over phone/via email prior to ceremony date
Filing of all required paperwork

10 to 20 minute ceremony
Personal consultation meeting prior to ceremony date
Present at rehearsal if required
Pre-written vows/ceremony
Filing of all required paperwork

FULL SERVICE: $400 and up
Formal ceremony of 20 minutes or more
Personal consultation meetings with couple and wedding planner
Phone consultations as required
Present at rehearsal/walk-through
Custom vows/ceremony
Filing of all required paperwork with keepsake Wedding Certificate provided.
Patricia Saunders
Pittsburgh, PA

Minister of The Universal Life Church
Ordained 2012